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Google Mapcasa Appennino
Via Secchiello 25
Villa Minozzo 42030
Reggio Emilia
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In the map to the right you will see the orange province of Emilia Romanga running along the north of Italy.

But... where is it?

Emilia Romagna is in orange along the north of Italy in the map to the left.    Below, Reggio Emilia is the yellow province in the middle.

Emilia Romagna

Bedogno - a tiny village


Bedogno is a tiny village high in the Appennine mountains of Northern Italy. It's in the wider Tuscan Emilian National Park, and, within that, the National Park of the Giant. 

The area is classified as a World Heritage site of specific interest and it is also appointed a MAB area (Man and Biosphere - where humans and nature work together)

It is very beautiful and quiet, yet the town of Villa Minozzo is only one kilometre away. You can visit the market, the little museum, shops, bars, the open air swimming pool or the sports centre.

If you are a nature lover, it is perfect.   There are so many little paradisical places to visit....

How to get here?

Villa Minozzo
By car:  Put the address in your GPS ensuring that you have Bedogno, near Villa Minozzo 42030.

By public transport.  You may have to take the train to Reggio Emilia and from there take the bus to Felina where you can change  bus to Villa Minozzo.

If you come from Castelnovo ne' Monte you can take the bus to Villa Minozzo.

From Villa Minozzo you can either walk down to Bedogno or we will pick you up.

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