The House - Casa Appennino

The house

Casa Appennino
The house has three separate apartments.  Each one is themed on a famous Italian artist and Pheona Kerr, your host and teacher, has made copies of famous paintings by these artists to create an atmosphere like an art gallery.  It is a beautiful and relaxing place to be creative and learn.

There is also a beautiful garden with lots of areas for you to study, or sketch.

Apartamento Michelangelo

  • Copies of the sistine chapel ceiling
  • copy of Michelangelo hand of god
  • twin bedroom
  • double bedroom
The top floor has amazing views from the balcony and every window and this apartment is themed after the great Michelangelo.  There is a double bedroom and a twin bedroom with shared living room, kitchen,  and bathroom. 

Appartamento Botticelli

  • Copy of botticelli's Primavera
  • twin bedroom
  • twin bedroom
  • bathroom

On the first floor, this apartment has a mural of botticelli's Primavera.  There are two twin bedrooms, a sittingroom bathroom, kitchen and balcony with beautiful views.

Appartamento Caravaggio

On the ground floor there are a few copies of the painting of Caravaggio.  Here there is a double bedroom with private bathroom, and a single room with ensuite bathroom.   There is also a shared sitting room.

The garden

  • bel giardino
  • garden in May
  • tulipani
  • vase

The garden is unique, especially here in Italy it is rare to come across such a beautiful 'English country garden'.

It is well established and in flower all year round.

Study areas

  • posto per cena
  • posto per studiare
  • posto per studiare

The outdoor dining area is spacious enough for social distancing.

There are lots of little, secluded areas where you can relax and study.

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