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Pheona moved to Italy to set up her highly successful art holidays 10 years ago. These art holidays run during the summer months with guests arriving from all over the world. Before moving to Italy she was a successful art teacher developing and running innovative art courses at Strathclyde University for over 20 years.

She is also an artist in her own right: a painter, sculptor, creator. Her house is full of art works she has created, and she has even reconstructed an old barn in a very unusual and creative way.

During the Winter, some time ago, she was asked to teach English as a native speaker at the local high school and also at a local language school and being a 'yes' person she found great enjoyment in her new role. She has been an English teacher now for 7 years.

Pheona, being a native speaker, gives you the authentic 'full immersion' experience while you are a guest in her home. She also organises little tours to the secret delights of this mountain retreat as a basis for language learning.

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