The House  Casa Appennino

The house

This is a beautiful house.  The house of an artist, Pheona, who has created it as a homage to Italian artists.

It has three self contained apartments.   In each there are life sized copies of famous paintings to create an atmosphere like an art gallery.   But of course it is very much a comfortable and beautiful home for you to relax in.  There will be two guests for each apartment.

There is a beautifully landscaped 'English country garden' for you to enjoy too.  Free parking and wi fi.

Appartamento Michelangelo

On the top floor with beautiful vews from the balcony, and every window, this apartment is themed on michelangelo.  It has a double and a twin bedroom, and a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Appartamento Botticelli

On the first floor, this apartment has a mural of botticelli's Primavera.  There are two twin bedrooms, a sittingroom bathroom, kitchen and balcony with beautiful views.

Appartamento Caravaggio

On the ground floor there are a few copies of the painting of Caravaggio.  Here there is a double bedroom with private bathroom, and a single room with ensuite bathroom.   There is also a shared sitting room.

The garden

  • bel giardino
  • tulipani

The garden is unique, especially here in Italy it is rare to come across such a beautiful 'English country garden'.

It is well established and in flower all year round.

Study areas

The outdoor dining area is spacious enough to enable social distancing.

There are lots of little, secluded areas where you can relax and study, or do your English homework.